about the artist
Mary Carter studied at the Royal College of Art from 1968 to 1971 where she was awarded the Princess of Wales Scholarship as the most promising female student. She lives in Devon and has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition since 1969, where in 1987 she was awarded the Friends Miniature Prize. Her work can be found in private collections both in the United Kingdom and Overseas.

"I have never cared to talk or write about my paintings, and have always studiously avoided it! But I have been asked to try – so I will just say that from the time when I first started to learn to paint I have always been most fascinated by ‘faces’. I still am, and so most of my work is of heads or figures in interiors. They are sometimes seen against a window through which can be glimpsed the Devon valley where I live, or they may be gazing into a mirror. Often I paint beautiful fabric, lace, embroidery, satin or brocade, and the cats and children I know pose for me, now my own children are grown.

The atmosphere and colour is rich and glowing, or it might be ‘cooler’, muted and tranquil, but I hope that despite being very small, my paintings have an intensity, stillness and hopefully beauty that belies their size."

Mary E Carter; Mary Carter
Mary E Carter

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